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Gundam Builder Contest

Gundam ModelGundam model builders of all ages are invited to take part in the Thousand Oaks Library Gundam Builder Contest. The first place winner will receive a $50 gift card!

Participating builds must be submitted by July 15, 2023 and will be displayed through LibCon weekend at the Grant R. Brimhall Thousand Oaks Library, July 22 - 23.

A winner will be announced on Saturday, July 22 at 3:00pm in the Grant R. Brimhall Library Community Room.

Gundam Builder Contest Waiver Form

Gundam Entry Online Form


  1. Submissions must use an official Bandai Gundam Model Kit as their base. Submissions may be made from SD, EG, HG, MG, RG, PG, or Non Grade and Full Mechanics Kits. (Use of a more expensive kit will not guarantee victory, see the judging criteria bellow)
  2. All included kits and parts used must be included in the space provided on the Entry Form.
  3. All submissions must have been built between August of 2022 and July of 2023.
  4. Participating models must be physically submitted to the Thousand Oaks Library by July 15th, 2023 (Entries cannot be submitted to the Newbury Park Branch). We will not accept photos or video of models alone.
  5. All Submissions must be made by the participant or a legal guardian of the participant.
  6. All entrants must sign and agree to the terms on the Entry Form and Waiver. Entrants under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian sign for them.

In order to enter the Gundam Builder Contest, participants must sign the waiver (link), submit the submission form (link), and turn in their Gundam Build to the Grant R. Brimhall Thousand Oaks Library before the due date of July 15, 2023.

Judging Criteria

The judgement of this competition will be based on the execution of the given build and will use the following criteria.


  1. All submitted kits will be judged based firstly on the execution of their overall construction, nub removal, and clean panel lining.
  2. Painting, weathering, gluing, finishing, decal application, scribing, and seam filling will not be required on any kits that are submitted, however kits that feature them will be judged based on the execution of these methods.
    • The execution of more advanced building techniques will be taken into consideration on all submissions. This means a well painted model may get more points than an unpainted model but an unpainted kit will score higher than a poorly painted model.


  1. All submissions should be posed in fun, interesting, and dynamic ways. Poses can be original or recreate a scene from a show or manga. If recreating a scene please include the series and episode/chapter being recreated. (You may also provide a printed screenshot if you choose.)
  2. The Following presentation techniques are not required for kits submitted but kits that feature them will be judged based on their execution.
    • Submissions that featuring kit bashing will be judged based on how effectively the kits and extra parts used work together with the base model.
    • Set piece submissions will be judged based on how well the model is integrated into the scene being created.
    • If recreating a specific scene from an anime or manga please include the series and episode/chapter being recreated. (You may also provide a printed screenshot if you choose.)

Nobel Gundam 5About

Gundam plastic model building, otherwise known as Gunpla, is the hobby of building and collecting plastic models based of the anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam.

Gundam model kits produced by the Bandai toy company debuted shortly after the first series aired in Japan and have become popular in large part because they do not require painting or glue allowing fans to quickly and easily piece together show accurate model kits.

Gundam is one of Japan’s longest continuously running anime franchises first debuting in 1979 and is considered the father of the real robot anime genre. Many gunpla builders have turned the hobby into an artform, creating incredible pieces of art utilizing plastic, paint, and other tools. This has led to the rise of Gundam building competitions. However, everyone, no matter their skill level can build gunpla. For more information on gunpla, you can click the following link.

Safety Tips

Choking Hazards: Gundam model kits contain small parts that are a choking hazard and should be kept out of reach of small children and pets who might stick the parts in their mouth. Be mindful of the recommended age on kits.

Cutting and Carving

Nippers/Side Cutter: Nippers are meant to cut and sever plastic and thus are both sharp and strong. Never put fingers or any other body part between the blades of the nippers.

Sharp tools: Whether drilling, scribing, or cutting only use tools as they are intended.

Hobby Knives: When using a hobby knife or any other bladed tool always cut away from yourself. Be sure to change your blade regularly to keep it sharp.
Eye protection: It is a good idea to wear protective eye wear to avoid flying plastic pieces, dust, and aerosols out of your eyes.

Chemical Protection

Ventilation: It is important when using chemicals like paint, paint thinner, model glue, and finishing spray to always do so in a well-ventilated area and never in enclosed spaces.

Gloves: Wearing gloves will keep harsh and acidic chemicals like paint thinner off your bare skin.

Breathing protection: It is highly recommended that you wear protective face coverings while doing activities that can produce potentially harmful dust and vapors.

While sanding it is that recommended that you wear a well-fitting mask with a tight seal designed to protect you from particles.

When using chemicals that produce vapors such as paint, paint thinner, model glue, top coat sprays and other harsh chemicals, you should upgrade to wearing a respirator. A respirator should have a tight fit on your face and force you to breathe through a filter. Be sure that the filters and respirators you use are designed and suited for the chemicals you are using.