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Laptop Kit User Agreement

To borrow a mobile device (Laptop Kit and mobile hotspot) from the Library, you must agree to the following terms:

Checkout and Return Procedures

  1. Devices can only be checked out by an adult (18+) with a valid Thousand Oaks Library account in good standing.
  2. Laptop kits are designated for a 2-week loan period and may be renewed.
  3. Devices must be checked out and returned to the Circulation Desk.

All devices must be returned in-person before the Library closes on the date due.

Use Policy, Files and Removable Media

  1. I agree that by using the Laptop Kit, I will adhere to the Library's Internet Use Policy, as well as all applicable local, state, or federal laws.
  2. I understand that the Library is not responsible for damage to files or removable media caused by viruses that may exist on the network or spread through the network.
  3. I understand that the Library is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of a power supply or charging unit on non-library-owned equipment.
  4. I agree to save my files to removable media or online storage rather than the laptop's hard drive.
  5. I understand that all files saved on the laptop are erased when the laptop is restarted.
  6. I understand that the Library is not responsible for any personal data left on a device.

Failure to Return, Damage, Charges

  1. I agree that I am responsible for and will have my Library account charged the full replacement cost of the device if it is not returned by the due date.
  2. I understand that mobile devices lost or not returned will be disabled and/or wireless service will be terminated, rendering them unusable.
  3. I agree to use ONLY the given power supply/charging unit with the Library device.
  4. I agree I will notify Library staff immediately if devices are damaged or defective upon receipt.
  5. I understand that I am personally responsible if the device is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  6. I agree to pay all repair/replacement costs resulting from the device's damage or loss (including theft) while it is checked out in my name.
  7. I understand that lost, stolen, and unreturned devices will be charged at the greater of full replacement cost at $911 , including taxes or:
    1. Chromebook - $778
    2. Mouse - $8
    3. Hotspots - $80
    4. Notebook case - $45

My signature below confirms that I have read the Laptop Kit Borrowing Agreement, and I agree to abide by the terms. In the event that any signature is submitted electronically as a scanned image (i.e. files with .pdf, .tiff or .jpeg extensions), such signature shall create a valid and binding obligation of the party executing (or on whose behalf such signature is executed) with the same force and effect as if such scanned signature page were an original thereof. This Agreement may be executed through the use of digital or electronic signatures and the presence of an electronic signature on this document shall be construed as the parties’ consent to do business electronically. This agreement shall become effective as of the date of its execution and shall continue in effect for a period of one (1) year from the date of execution.