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gives children access to its comprehensive online learning resource that includes language and literacy, math, social studies, arts, and music. It offers a highly engaging, expert-designed curriculum for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and beyond with more than 3,500 individual learning activities and 450 lessons.

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Inside the Library

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abc_mouse_imgStep-by-Step Learning Path

The Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefully designed program of more than 850 lessons in ten levels. As children complete each lesson, they are guided to the next one and are motivated to continue learning by’s Tickets and Rewards System.

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Classroom Curriculum Subjects


The Reading curriculum helps children quickly learn the letters of the alphabet and their sounds and learn to instantly recognize the sight words that are most important for beginning readers. Children will learn to love to read hundreds of fables, fairy tales, nonfiction books, and more.


The Math curriculum teaches numbers, shapes, patterns, and measurements. The site's games and creative activities make math fun while giving young learners the practice they need to build a  strong foundation for success.

world_around_us_iconWorld Around Usexplorer_mouse

The World Around Us curriculum helps children understand what they see and experience daily. This is usually taught as part of social studies, science, and health.

art_activities_iconArt and Colors

The unique drawing and painting program allows children of all ages to use lines, shapes, and colors to create original works of art. Games, books, paint-by-number activities, and puzzles teach children to name and use a variety of colors.

music_and_songs_iconMusic and Songs singing_abcmouse

The Music and Songs curriculum is designed to teach children to appreciate and enjoy music. The wide variety of songs on the site allows your child to experience the building blocks of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics) as well as several different styles of music.


The hundreds of traditional and original stories and nonfiction books in the library will open doors to worlds of knowledge, adventure, and fun for children. Every concept of the curriculum—whether it is the sound of a letter, the sequence of counting 1–5, or the seasons of the year—is explained in child-friendly language in one of our library books.


The Puzzles curriculum includes hundreds of jigsaw and cutout puzzles that help children learn and remember important ideas and skills in reading, math, science, art, social studies, and music. There are puzzles for every letter of the alphabet, sight words, stories, numbers 1 through 20, shapes, zoo and farm animals, and many other topics.




Games includes hundreds interactive learning activities, each designed to be fun and educational at the same time. Children can play games to learn the alphabet, to learn new words, to learn about numbers and shapes, and even to learn about the planets! Since all of the games on the site include voiced instructions, they are easy for young children to learn and play.

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