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Learn with music

Video: This song is from Disney's Frozen, in French.  You can search for songs in the language you are learning.  Example: to find this song in Arabic, search in YouTube with the terms: "let it go Arabic"

E-Resources  The library subscribes to these language-learning products.  They are available free with your Thousand Oaks Library card.

Mango Languages -  Free, online language-learning in over 70 languages and dialects. Mango has English language courses for speakers of 19 different languages. Learn on the go with the Mango Mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Web resources

duolingo - Learn a language for free on this award-winning site.

Google Translate - Google's translation program provides instant translations of text between many languages. While machine translations are less than reliable, they can give you a convenient approximation when used carefully. There is a widget for Google Translate on the bottom right corner of this guide.USA Learns - A free website that helps adults learn English online.

USA Learns - A free website that helps adults learn English online.

International Language Collections

Read books in other languages.  Click the links below to seach the Library's catalog.  You can use the "Refine by" links on the left to limit your results to books, movies, juvenile materials, e-books, etc.