New Non-Fiction

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Last 90 days


Tiffany Shlain

50 Years

Julien Bitoun


James Rickards


Emma Southon

Alexander The Great

Anthony Everitt

Alone At Dawn

Dan Schilling

American Carnage

Tim Alberta

American Predator

Maureen Callahan


Tim Bouverie

Baby-Led Weaning

Gill Rapley


Paul Goldberger


Robert Wilson

Beaten Down, Worked Up

Steven Greenhouse

Behind The Screen

Sarah T Roberts

The Best People

Alexander Nazaryan

Beyond Beautiful

Anuschka Rees

Beyond Charlottesville

Terry McAuliffe

Black Site

Philip Mudd

Bobby At Home

Bobby Flay

Boys Will Be Boys

Clementine ford


Emily Elyse Miller

Buzz, Sting, Bite

Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

Camp Grandma

Marianne Waggoner Day

Career Ascent

Dave Fugleberg


tom O'Neill

Chasing The Moon

Robert Stone

The Code

Margaret Pugh O'Mara

Communities That Care

Abigail A Fagan

Connoisseur Kids

Jennifer L Scott


Annaka Harris


Emily Oster

Dead Wrong

Randall Sullivan

Deep Conviction

Steven T Collis


Lisa Sanders

Digital Cash

Finn Brunton


Thierry Geerts

The Divine Plan

Paul Kengor

Don'T Wait Up

Liz Astrof

The Doomsday Calculation

William Poundstone

Double Crossed

Matthew Avery Sutton

Dressed in Dreams

Tanisha C ford

Easy Tagalog

Joi Barrios

Elvis in Vegas

Richard Zoglin

Emperors of The Deep

William McKeever

Empire of Democracy

Simon Reid-Henry

English Grammar

Sean Williams

Escalante's Dream

David Roberts

Eyes in The Sky

Arthur Holland Michel

The F*ck It Diet

Caroline Dooner

Face to Face

Brian Grazer

Fantasy Island

Ed Morales


Dana Thomas

The Fate of Food

Amanda Little

The Fifth Domain

Richard A Clarke

Fight Like A Mother

Shannon Watts

Fire And fortitude

John C McManus

Fire in The Sky

Gordon Dillow

Folded Wisdom

Joanna Guest

A Fool's Errand

Lonnie G Bunch

The force

Saul David


D P Lyle

French Grammar

Christopher Kendris

Fresh Face

Mandi Nyambi

Gene Eating

Giles Yeo

Generation Friends

Saul Austerlitz

George Marshall

David L Roll

The Girls

Abigail Pesta

Good to Go

Christie Aschwanden

The Great Partnership

Christian B Keller

Hacking Darwin

Jamie Frederic Metzl


Sarah Fragoso

Happy Money

Ken Honda

Have You Eaten Grandma?

Gyles Daubeney Brandreth

Here's the Catch

Ron Swoboda

Hope And History

William J Vanden Heuvel

House of Government

Yuri Slezkine

How Change Happens

Cass R Sunstein

How We Teach Science

John L Rudolph

I'm Saying No!

Beverly Engel

Ill Winds

Larry Jay Diamond

iPad Pro Guide

Newman Nelson

It's Your Camino

Kenneth R Jr Strange

Justice on Trial

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

Kid Confidence

Eileen Kennedy-Moore

The Kindness Method

Shahroo Izadi

Kingdom of Lies

Kate Fazzini

The Knowledge Gap

Natalie Wexler


Christopher Leonard

Last Witnesses

Svetlana Aleksievich

The Liberation of Paris

Jean Edward Smith

Library Marketing Basics

Mark Aaron Polger

Life After Suicide

Jennifer Ashton

Lincoln's Spies

Douglas C Waller

Lives Reclaimed

Mark Roseman

The Longevity Paradox

Steven R Gundry

Love You Like The Sky

Sarah Neustadter

The Martha Manual

Martha Stewart

The Meritocracy Trap

Daniel Markovits

More Than Pretty

Erica Campbell

The Man Who Sold America

Joy-Ann Lomena Reid

My Father Left Me Ireland

Michael Brendan Dougherty

My Friend Anna

Rachel DeLoache Williams

The National Team

Caitlin Murray

No Shadow of A Doubt

Daniel Kennefick

Nobody's Victim

Carrie Goldberg

Normandy '44

James Holland

North of Havana

Martin Garbus

On Being Human

Jennifer Pastiloff

On The Clock

Emily Guendelsberger

On Fire

Naomi Klein

One Giant Leap

Charles Fishman

The Optimist's Telescope

Bina Venkataraman

Out of Our Minds

Felipe Fernández-Armesto


Veronica Rueckert

Permission to Feel

Marc A Brackett

Picturing Apollo 11

J L Pickering

Places And Names

Elliot Ackerman

Plant Parenting

Leslie F Halleck

Power Grab

Jason Chaffetz

Red Card

Ken Bensinger


Alan B Krueger

Rough Magic

Lara Prior-Palmer

The Royal Society

Adrian Tinniswood

Running to The Edge

Matthew Futterman

Savage Appetites

Rachel Monroe

The Scandal of The Century

Gabriel García Márquez

Scary Business

William S Young

See Jane Win

Caitlin Moscatello

Seeing America

author Newark Museum


Cecelia Watson

Sea People

Christina Thompson


Anthony McCann


Michael Wolff


Laura Lynne Jackson

The Simpsons

Moritz Fink

The Sixth Man

Andre Iguodala


Ruth Kassinger

Smokin' Joe

Mark Kram

Soccer Women

Gemma Clarke

Songs of America

Jon Meacham


Benjamin Moser


Kirk Patrick Goldsberry

The Stakes

Robert Kuttner

Steve McQueen

Greg Laurie

Still Winning

Charles Hurt

Sudden Courage

Ronald C Rosbottom

Super Attractor

Gabrielle Bernstein


David Barrie


Russell Gold

Surrounded By Idiots

Thomas Erikson

Symphony in C

Robert M Hazen

Talking to Strangers

Malcolm Gladwell

Tap Out

Edgar Kunz

Texas Flood

Alan Paul

Three Sheets to The Wind

Cynthia V Barrett

Three Women

Lisa Taddeo

The Truffle Underground

Ryan McMahon Jacobs

Undo It!

Dean Ornish

The Undying

Anne Boyer


Kanwer Singh


L Brent Bozell

Up Jumped The Devil

Bruce M Conforth

User Experience Design

Gavin Allanwood

Ways of Heaven

Roel Sterckx

We Stand Divided

Daniel Gordis

Why Cities Lose

Jonathan Rodden

Wild And Crazy Guys

Nick De Semlyen

Working Daughter

Liz O'Donnell

Yale Needs Women

Anne Gardiner Perkins

Your New Money Story

David W Krueger