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Personal Identification Numbers (PINs)

All Library patrons need to use a PIN along with the Library card number to access their Library account online and to check out items inside the Library as well.

Please help the Library by ensuring that we have your correct telephone number and correct e-mail address on file. These pieces of information are necessary because your initial PIN will be based on the last four digits of the telephone number on file. We must have your current e-maill address in order to assist you in resetting your PIN number. If you ever forget your PIN, an e-mail message with a web address to reset your PIN will be sent to you.  Please update your account online through the Library’s website at or alert staff in person during your next visit to the Library.


  • Provides an added layer of security to your Library account.
  • Improves the privacy of your account and the materials that you access.

When PINs ARE Required

PINs will be necessary if you do any of the following online:

  • Place your own requests
  • Pay fines or monitor your account
  • Update your account contact information

Please note: PINs are also necessary to use the automated check-out machines.

What You Will Need

A VALID e-mail address linked to your account is essential for this service. If you forget your PIN, the best way to reset it is through e-mail notification. We encourage you to include an e-mail address in your record to take full advantage of this convenient feature.

To sign up for a free e-mail account, you may choose to use one of the following links:

How to Log into Your Account and Modify or Reset Your PIN

Your initial PIN will be based on the last four digits of the telephone number we have on file. To login to your account and/or modify your PIN, please use these steps:

  • Go to the My Account Page and enter your Library card barcode number and the last four digits of your phone number on file, and click “Login”.
  • You will be automatically logged into your account. If that doesn’t log you in to your account, please request that your PIN be sent to you via your current e-mail address on file or contact Library staff for assistance.

Modify Your PIN

1. Log into your library account.

2. After a successful login, Select Edit pin directly beneath your name.

3. Enter your old PIN, then create and confirm your new PIN. Your PIN must be 4 digits, and cannot be a simple repeated number. Select Submit to update it. If you get an error message stating that your PIN is not complex enough, please create a more complex PIN.

Forgot Your PIN / Reset Your PIN

1. Click on Reset Your PIN or Forgot Your PIN if you do not remember your PIN.

2. Enter your library 14-digit barcode and click Submit.

3. After authentication, the system presents a confirmation screen and sends an e-mail to the e-mail address on record with an informational message and a URL to reset PIN.

4. Open your email and retrieve the PIN reset link. The link is valid for 3 hours from the time of your request.

5. A separate window will be launched to allow users reset their PIN. Enter your library barcode and a new numeric PIN, then click Submit.

6. If you don't wish to change your PIN, click Start Over to go back to the catalog home page.