Newbury Park Library Lockers

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Library Hold Lockers FAQ

What are Hold Lockers?
Where are the Hold Lockers Located and when can I use them?
Who can use this service?
How long will my items be on hold if I use the Hold Lockers? Will I lose my hold items if I don’t pick them up in time?
There are three items in my locker, but I only want two for now. Can I pick which items to take?
I can’t reach very high or low places. How can I still use the Remote Lockers to get my items?
I can’t check out my items at the Hold Lockers. How do I get help?
I placed my hold request a little while ago and asked that it be sent to the Hold Locker, but I didn’t get a pick up notice. Can I check on the status of my hold request?
How do I return my materials?

Not sure if you should pick up your holds using a locker, curbside, or hold shelf?

Here's a quick guide to help you find out which one will best meet your needs.

  Hold Locker Curbside Service Hold Shelf
Days to pick up before holds expire 3 days 7 days 7 days
Open hours 24 hours, 7 days a week Limited hours Limited hours
Large items pickup (e.g. Book Club in a Box, Oversized books) Not available Yes Yes
Location Newbury Park Library Grant R. Brimhall Library Grant R. Brimhall Library and Newbury Park Library

If you need more time to pick up your hold items, please use hold shelf or curbside service instead.

Be sure your account is active, free of billed items, have fewer than 40 items checked out to your account to ensure a successful experience using the unattended Hold Lockers.