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PPB Collections

The Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters (PPB), founded in 1966 to preserve the memory of West Coast broadcasting in the "golden age" of radio, have collected some of the most interesting and famous radio scripts, memorabilia and sound recordings from American broadcasting history. The PPB collections include about 10,000 individual scripts, 20,000 transcription discs, and 20,000 tapes. These materials document a major part of the history of radio broadcasting. The American Radio Archives formed a joint venture with the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters in January 2001 to provide a permanent home for the PPB collections. In April, 2014, the collection was donated to the Thousand Oaks Library Foundation, which has begun a program to organize and preserve the items.

Future plans include developing community partnerships to provide education about the history of broadcasting, and development of space to house and exhibit the collections.

For more information about the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters, please visit their website at

Within the larger PPB Collection, the following collections have been partially processed.  Scripts in these collections have been added to the 2015 update of scripts PDF, located on our Publications page.

We have added an American Radio Archives “Album” to the Special Collections Flickr page, Conejo Through the Lens, see: for some photos from the PPB Collection.

 George Allen

  • Radio Director
  • 101 radio scripts

 Gail Bonney

  • (1901-1984); radio, TV and movie actress
  • 120+ radio, TV and movie scripts

 Hans Conried

  • (1917-1982); radio, television, film, stage and voice actor
  • 140+ radio scripts (incl. many drawings), 1937-1949



Ebi, Earl

  • (1903-1973); radio and TV director, actor and producer
  • 15 radio and TV scripts, 1942-1956



 Jack Johnstone

  • (1906-1991); radio writer, director and producer
  • 140+ radio scripts, 1939-1962

Richard (Dick) Joy

  • (1915-1991); radio and TV announcer and actor
  • 18 radio and TV scripts, 1939-1959



Eddie Paul

  • orchestra leader
  •  30+ scripts (Rudy Vallee Program), 1940-1942



 E. J. (Mannie) Rosenberg

  • (1901-1985); radio and TV producer
  • 300+ radio and TV scripts, 1946-1953

 Ezra Stone    

  • (1917-1994); actor and director in radio, TV and films
  • 9 boxes of scripts, mostly TV (incl. production documents, set layouts and correspondence) , some movie and radio;

 Glenhall Taylor

  • (1903-1997); writer, producer and director for radio and TV
  • 68 radio scripts

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