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List of Collections

  1. Alan Young Collection: Radio, television and movie actor and voice-over artist.
  2. Allin Slate Collection: Pioneered the sports talk show format on KABC radio.
  3. Arthur F. Wertheim Collection: Author of Radio Comedy (1979, Oxford University Press.) Download pdf_icon
  4. Austin Peterson Collection: Served with Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) during World War II. Download
  5. Bill Dana Collection: Comedian, actor and screenwriter. Download
  6. Bob Crosby Collection: Singer, bandleader, regular performer on the Jack Benny program. Download
  7. Bob Mott Collection: Did sound effects for films, cartoons, theater and for radio and television, also wrote for Dick Van Dyke and Red Skelton.
  8. Broadcasting Collection: General collection of the American Radio Archive.
  9. Calling All Cars Collection: Recordings from the true-crime radio show. Download
  10. Carlton E. Morse Collection: One of the most prolific writers in radio, originated several top series. Download
  11. Clete Roberts Collection: Newscaster and actor, pioneer in Los Angeles broadcast journalism (radio/TV).
  12. David Schwartz Collection: Schwartz works for the Game Show Network and is co-author of the book The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows.
  13. Earl Ebi Collection: TV director, actor and producer.
  14. Fletcher Markle Collection: Writer, director, and producer in Canada and the U.S.
  15. Frank Bresee Collection: Veteran radio actor and radio historian.
  16. Garrett L. Starmer Collection: Professor for Communications (radio, speech). Download
  17. Hilliard Marks Collection: Brother of Mary Livingston and longtime producer for Jack Benny. Download
  18. Howard Hoffman Collection: Creative Services Director at KABC Radio. Download
  19. James Hummeland Collection: Radio and TV actor, based in Chicago. Download
  20. Jere Witter Collection: TV news writer and reporter (KNXT, KOCE and others). Download
  21. Jimmie Fidler Collection: Hollywood gossip reporter on radio/TV and newspaper columnist
  22. John Pickard-Frank Provo Collection: Writers of radio and television shows. Download
  23. KNX Collection: Radio script archive of KNX (Los Angeles), a CBS affiliate; photos and press releases. Download
  24. Lawrence Roman Collection: Scriptwriter for movies, TV, and radio. Download
  25. Marty Halperin Collection: Sound engineer for the AFRS.
  26. Marvin E. Miller Collection: Writer, actor and announcer in St. Louis, Chicago and Hollywood. Download
  27. Milt Josefsberg Collection: Comedy writer and television producer. Download
  28. Milton and Barbara Merlin Collection: Writers for radio and television from the early 1940s to the mid 1960s. Download
  29. Monty Masters Collection: San Francisco-based comedian and writer. Download
  30. Morris Freedman Collection: Radio and television writer. Download
  31. Morris Gelman Collection: Radio and television, magazine writer. Download
  32. Norman Corwin Collection: Author, director, composer and producer; "Poet Laureate of Radio".
  33. Norman Jolley Collection: Actor, prominent TV writer and producer. Download
  34. Pat O'Reilly Collection: News commentator and news writer for KNX and other news services from the 1940s to 1970s. Download
  35. Phil Rapp Collection: Radio and television series writer.
  36. PPB Collections: Founded in 1966 to preserve the memory of the West Coast broadcasting in the "golden age" of the radio.
  37. Ralph French Collection: Friend and associate of Rudy Vallee.
  38. Red Skelton Collection: Well-known comedian of radio, television and motion pictures.
  39. Robert Q. Lewis Collection: Comedian and host of numerous television and radio programs. Download
  40. Rudy Vallee Collection: Singer, songwriter, saxophone player, bandleader, actor and author.
  41. Sportsmen Collection: Musical scores for the Sportsmen Quartet. Download
  42. Tom Koch Collection: Writer for the Bob and Ray Show on radio. Download
  43. Tom Price Collection: Author of radio histories, primarily related to the Fibber McGee and Molly radio show.
  44. Yuri Rasovsky Collection: Actor, writer, director and producer.