Updated: Sep. 15, 2021

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Roger Lancelyn Green

As Good as Dead

Holly Jackson

Ashfall Legacy

Pittacus Lore

Beasts of Prey

Ayana Gray

Beyond the Mapped Stars

Rosalyn Eves

Big Boned

Jo Watson

Black Birds in the Sky

Brandy Colbert


Dhonielle Clayton


Thomas King

Both Sides Now

Peyton Thomas

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Vol. 1 (Light Novel)

Yuki Yaku

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Vol. 2 (Light Novel)

Yuki Yaku

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Vol. 3 (Light Novel)

Yuki Yaku

Brown Boy Nowhere

Sheeryl Lim

Burden Falls

Kat Ellis

Bury the Lead

Mischa Thrace

Call and Response

Veronica Chambers

Call Me Athena

Colby Cedar Smith

Cast in Secrets and Shadow

Andrea Robertson


Romina Garber

Cheer Up

Crystal Frasier

The City Beautiful (Original)

Aden Polydoros


Kayla Miller


Lish McBride

Dangerous Play

Emma Kress

Dark and Shallow Lies

Ginny Myers Sain

The Dark Side of Social Media

Bradley Steffens


K Ancrum

Devil in the Device

Lora Beth Johnson

Dragonblood Ring

Amparo Ortiz

Edie in Between

Laura Sibson

Ember of Night

Molly E Lee

The Endless Skies

Shannon Price

Escape From the Everglades

Tim Shoemaker

Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians but Were Afraid to Ask

Anton Treuer

Eyes of the Forest

April Henry

Faking Reality

Sara Fujimura


Steve Sheinkin

Feminist AF

Brittney Cooper

For All Time

Shanna Miles


Elayne Audrey Becker


Chris Colfer

The Great Destroyers

Caroline Tung Richmond

How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love With the Universe

Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

Hunted by the Sky

Tanaz Bhathena

In the Same Boat

Holly Green

It Doesn't Have to Be Awkward

Pinsky Drew

It Ends in Fire

Andrew Shvarts

Just Beyond

R L Stine

A Lesson in Vengeance

Victoria Lee

Like a Love Song

Gabriela Martins

Living Beyond Borders

Margarita Longoria

The Marvelous

Claire Kann

Me (Moth)

Amber McBride

Mercury Boys

Chandra Prasad

The Mythic Koda Rose

Jennifer Nissley

A Night Twice as Long

Andrew Simonet

The Nobleman's Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks

Mackenzi Lee

Once Upon a Broken Heart

Stephanie Garber


Stephanie Cooke

Phantom Heart

Kelly Creagh

Radha & Jai's Recipe for Romance

Nisha Sharma


Wade Hudson

Red Wolf

Rachel Vincent

Revolution in Our Time

Kekla Magoon

Rise Up!

Crystal Marie Fleming

Rising Like a Storm

Tanaz Bhathena

The River Has Teeth

Erica Waters

The Sea Is Salt and So Am I

Cassandra Hartt

The Silver Blonde

Elizabeth Ross

A Sisterhood of Secret Ambitions

Sheena Boekweg

The Sisters of Reckoning

Charlotte Nicole Davis

Small Favors

Erin A Craig

The Splendor

Breeana Shields


Marie Lu

Sugar Town Queens

Malla Nunn

Summer in the City of Roses

Michelle Ruiz Keil

The Taking of Jake Livingston

Ryan Douglass

Teen Titans

Kami Garcia

They'll Never Catch Us

Jessica Goodman

Thirty Talks Weird Love

Alessandra Narvaez Varela

This Book Is Feminist

Jamia Wilson

Tonight We Rule the World

Zack Smedley

The True Story of a Mouse Who Never Asked for It

Ana Cristina Herreros

Under a Dancing Star

Laura Wood

Vampires, Hearts & Other Dead Things

Margie Fuston

Violet Ghosts

Leah Thomas


L M Elliott

A War of Swallowed Stars, 3

Sangu Mandanna

We Are Inevitable

Gayle Forman

What I Thought Was True

Huntley Fitzpatrick

When All the Girls Are Sleeping

Emily Arsenault

The Wild Book

Juan Villoro

Wings of Shadow

Nicki Pau Preto

The Witch Haven

Sasha Peyton Smith


Axie Oh

You Can't Say That!

Leonard S Marcus

You Don't Have to Be Everything

Diana Whitney

Your Life Has Been Delayed

Michelle I Mason