Updated: Sep. 15, 2021

Finding Home

Jen Sookfong Lee
J 304.8

The Racial Justice Movement

Kara L Laughlin
J 305.8


Andrew Santella
J 323.1196

The History of Political Parties

Kathryn Wesgate
J 324.273


Sarah De Capua
J 326.8097

Brown v. Board of Education

Barbara A Somervill
J 344.7307

All About Minerals

Cody Crane
J 549

The Secrets of Ancient Sea Monsters

Yang Yang
J 567.903

The Shark Encyclopedia for Kids

Ethan Pembroke
J 597.3

Mimic Makers

Kristen Nordstrom
J 610.28

The Horse Encyclopedia for Kids

Ethan Pembroke
J 636.1

The Cat Encyclopedia for Kids

Merriam Garcia
J 636.8

The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book

J 641.815


Jim Davis
J 741.5973

Basketball's Most Ridonkulous Dunks!

Shawn Pryor
J 796.323

Maker Comics. Survive in the Outdoors!

Mike Lawrence
J 796.5402

Hockey's Wickedest Goals!

Matt Doeden
J 796.962

Could You Be a Monster Wave Surfer?

Matt Doeden
J 797.3209

African Americans and the Revolutionary War

Judith E Harper
J 973.3089

Dolley Madison, the White House, and the Big Tornado

Alice Benjamin Boynton
J 973.51 M182

The Civil War Visual Encyclopedia

Philip Parker
J 973.7

The Underground Railroad

Carla Williams
J 973.7115