Updated: Jan. 15, 2021

Guinness World Records 2021.

J 031.02 2021

What Is the Civil Rights Movement?

Sherri L Smith
J 323.1196

The Bill of Rights

Ruth Bjorklund
J 342.7308

This Is Your Time

Ruby Bridges
J 379.263 B851

The Big One

Elizabeth Rusch
J 551.2209

Moving Ice

Theresa Emminizer
J 551.315

Reefs and Volcanoes

Kathleen A Klatte
J 551.424

Rocks and Minerals

Andy Hirsch
J 552

Life in a Frozen World

Mary Batten
J 591.9989

Tracking Pythons

Kate Messner
J 597.9678

Condor Comeback

Sy Montgomery
J 598.92

How We Got to the Moon

John Rocco
J 629.454

Grow a Garden!

Alexis Frederick-Frost
J 635

Create a Costume!

Sarah Myer
J 646.478

Draw a Comic!

J P Coovert
J 741.51

All Thirteen

Christina Soontornvat
J 796.525

Everything Comes Next

Naomi Shihab Nye
J 811.54 N994

Ancient China

Emily Rose Oachs
J 931

Ancient Egypt

Emily Rose Oachs
J 932

Ancient Mesopotamia

Sara Green
J 935

Ancient Greece

Sara Green
J 938

Desert Diary

Michael O Tunnell
J 940.5317


Galadriel Findlay Watson
J 967.826

The Mayflower

Kate Messner
J 974.402