Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

Angela's Glacier

Jordan Scott


Julie Murray

The Bad Guys in Look Who's Talking / Look Who's Talking!

Aaron Blabey

Baton Twirling

Julie Murray

Be My Valenslime

Kris Tarantino

Between Two Windows

Keisha Morris

Buffalo Fluffalo

Bess Kalb

Climbing the Volcano

Curtis Manley


Phuc Tran

Curious About Leprechauns

Gina Kammer

Curious About Werewolves

Gina Kammer

The Drowned Vault

Nathan D Wilson

Elpis the Hopeful

Joan Holub

The Ferris Wheel


The Fifa World Cup

Matt Lilley

Figure Skating

Julie Murray

Friiight Night

R L Stine

Garfield Fully Caffeinated

Jim Davis

The Girl Who Loves Bugs

Lily Murray

Giza Pyramids

Kelsey Jopp

Gravity Is Bringing Me Down

Wendelin Van Draanen

Head in the Clouds

Abby Hanlon

Hippos Remain Calm

Sandra Boynton

How Dreadful!

Claire Lebourg

I Am a Masterpiece!

Mia Armstrong

I Drew a Heart

Gillian Sze

I Love Myself

Wai Mei Wong

Inside Area 51

Isaac Kerry

Inside King Tut's Tomb

Isaac Kerry

Inside the Titanic

Isaac Kerry

Jump for Joy

Karen Gray Ruelle

Just One More Sleep

Jamie Lee Curtis

Land of the Spring Dragon

Tracey West

Laolao's Dumplings

Dane Liu

The Last Slice

Melissa Seron Richardson

The Last Stand

Antwan Eady

Like So

Ruth Forman

Love Grows

Ruth Spiro

Love, Lah Lah

Nailah Blackman

Lucky Duck

Greg Pizzoli

The Lunar New Year Surprise

Jade Wang

Mabel and the Mountain

Kim Hillyard

Mercy Watson Is Missing!

Kate DiCamillo

Mommy's New Friend

Shelley Tougas

The Most Delicious Soup and Other Stories

Mariana Ruiz Johnson

My Block Looks Like

Janelle Harper

My Dog and I

Luca Tortolini

Nana in the Country

Lauren Castillo

The Night Raven

Johan Rundberg

Night Song

Mk Smith Despres

One Sweet Song

Jyoti Rajan Gopal


Airlie Anderson

A Pack of Your Own

Maria Nilsson Thore

Pepper and Me

Beatrice Alemagna

Plus One

John Hare

Pockets for Two

Lindsay Ward

Pretty Ugly

David Sedaris

The Princess and the (Greedy) Pea

Leigh Hodgkinson

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Julie Murray

Ride Beside Me

Lucy Knisley

Shine of the Silver Dragon

Tracey West

Small Shoes, Great Strides

Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Small-Girl Toni and the Quest for Gold

Giselle Anatol

The Spark in You

Andrea Pippins

A Story No One Has Ever Heard Before

Avi Steinberg

The Super Bowl

Bo Mitchell

Taj Mahal

Ashley Gish

The Teeny-Weeny Unicorn

Shawn Harris

Ten Little Rabbits

Maurice Sendak

Thanksgiving on Thursday

Mary Pope Osborne

There's No Such Thing as Vegetables

Kyle Lukoff

This Baby. That Baby.

Cari Best


Gabi Snyder

Today Is for You!

Sally Lloyd-Jones

Trick or Treat, Pout-Pout Fish

Deborah Diesen

Upside-Down Magic

Sarah Mlynowski

We Are Honest

Dwayne Hicks

We Are Respectful

Theresa Emminizer

We Follow the Rules

Theresa Emminizer

We Listen

Theresa Emminizer

We Take Turns

Theresa Emminizer

We Treat Others Well

Theresa Emminizer

The Wild

Yuval Zommer

Wish Soup

Junghwa Park

The World Series

Hubert Walker

The Wrong Book

Drew Daywalt

You Broke It!

Liana Finck

You Make Me Sneeze!

Sharon G Flake

Your Brain When You're Angry

Abby Colich

Your Brain When You're Happy

Abby Colich

Your Brain When You're Sad

Abby Colich

Your Brain When You're Scared

Abby Colich

Your Passport to Canada

Pascale Duguay

Your Passport to Cuba

Ruth Manning

Your Passport to Portugal

Nancy Dickmann

Your Passport to Saudi Arabia

Golriz Golkar