Updated: May. 15, 2022

Chasing History

Carl Bernstein
070.92 B531


Rebecca Mead
070.92 M479

For Such a Time as This

Kayleigh McEnany
277.3083 M478

Sex Cult Nun

Faith Jones
299.93 J76


Julia Haart
305.4889 H111

Go Back to Where You Came From

Wajahat Ali
305.8914 A398

Magic Season

Wade Rouse
306.7662 R863

Please Miss

Grace E Lavery
306.768 L399

Lost & Found

Kathryn Schulz
306.8509 S389

White Lies

A J Baime
323.092 W89

Trillion Dollar Triage

Nick Timiraos

The Defense Lawyer

James Patterson
340.092 S634

Civil Rights Queen

Tomiko Brown-Nagin
347.7314 M919

Easy Beauty

Chloé Cooper Jones
362.4092 C777

Silenced No More

Sarah Ransome
362.883 R212


Daniel Genis
365.6092 G331

Learning America

Luma Mufleh
371.8269 M949


Richard Rhodes
508.092 W747

The Man From the Future

Ananyo Bhattacharya
510.92 V945

The Doctors Blackwell

Janice P Nimura
610.922 B632

The Beauty of Dusk

Frank Bruni
614.5997 B896

In Love

Amy Bloom
616.8311 A498

Burn Rate

Andy Dunn
616.8527 D923

The Perfect Other

Kyleigh Leddy
616.898 L472

Call Me Chef, Dammit!

Andre Rush
641.5092 R952

The Perfect Day to Boss Up

Rick Ross
650.1 R825

1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows

Weiwei Ai
709.2 A288

What's So Funny?

David Sipress
741.592 S618

King of the Blues

Daniel De Visé
781.643 K52

Time Between

Chris Hillman
781.6617 H654

Citizen Cash

Michael S Foley
782.4216 C338

From Staircase to Stage

Raekwon (Musician)
782.4216 R134

Be My Baby

Ronnie Spector
782.4216 S741

Face the Music

Peter Duchin
784.4092 D831

Buster Keaton

James Curtis
791.4302 K25

Camera Man

Dana Stevens
791.4302 K25

This Will Be Funny Later

Jenny Pentland
791.4302 P419

Run Towards the Danger

Sarah Polley
791.4302 P773

Rush on the Radio

James Golden
791.4402 L733

Enough Already

Valerie Bertinelli
791.4502 B544

Back to the Prairie

Melissa Gilbert
791.4502 G465

Bad Republican

Meghan McCain
791.4502 M121

Finding Me

Viola Davis
792.028 D264


Sutton Foster
792.028 F757

You Can't Be Serious

Kal Penn
792.028 P412

All About Me!

Mel Brooks
792.7028 B873

Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama

Bob Odenkirk
792.7028 O23

The Rise

Mike Sielski
796.323 B915

Coach K

Ian O'Connor
796.323 K94

The Last Enforcer

Charles Oakley
796.323 O11


Scottie Pippen
796.323 P665

Hometown Victory

Keanon Lowe
796.332 L913


Lindsey Vonn
796.9309 V947


Ben McGrath
797.122 C743

Left on Tenth

Delia Ephron
813.54 E63

I Came All This Way to Meet You

Jami Attenberg
813.6 A883

Saga Boy

Antonio Michael Downing
818.603 D751

Tom Stoppard

Hermione Lee
822.914 S883

Burning Man

Frances Wilson
823.912 L419


Bernardine Evaristo
823.914 E92

My Mess Is a Bit of a Life

Georgia Pritchett
828.8203 P961

Real Estate

Deborah Levy
828.914 L668

The Copenhagen Trilogy

Tove Irma Margit Ditlevsen
839.8137 D615

Lost in the Valley of Death

Harley Rustad
915.496 J96

The Gilded Edge

Catherine Prendergast

The Legend of the Romeros, Then and Today

Ofelia Romero-Motlagh
929.2 R763

Ancestor Trouble

Maud Newton
929.2097 N565

The Churchill Sisters

Rachel Trethewey
941.084 C563

Where the Children Take Us

Zain E Asher
942.1209 E36

The Chancellor

Kati Marton
943.0883 M563

Walk With Me

Kate Clifford Larson
973.0496 H214

Because Our Fathers Lied

Craig McNamara
973.9209 M478

My Seven Black Fathers

Will Jawando
975.284 J41

Burn the Page

Danica Roem
975.5044 R715

From the Hood to the Holler

Charles Booker
976.9044 B724

Nowhere for Very Long

Brianna Madia
978.092 M182

The Deeper the Roots

Michael Tubbs
979.4054 T884