Updated: Mar. 15, 2023


Jemele Hill
070.4497 H646

The Love You Save

Goldie Taylor
070.92 T241


Emi Nietfeld
305.513 N677

Constructing a Nervous System

Margo Jefferson
305.896 J45

Gender Queer

Maia Kobabe
306.768 K75

The Critic's Daughter

Priscilla Gilman
306.8742 G487

Shirley Chisholm

Anastasia Carol Curwood
328.7309 C542

America, a Redemption Story

Tim Scott
328.7309 S429

American Rascal

Greg Steinmetz
332.6092 G697

You've Been Chosen

Cynthia Marshall
338.0409 M367

Love & Justice

Maya Moore
345.7307 M823

Salmon P. Chase

Walter Stahr
347.7326 C487

Deaf Utopia

Nyle DiMarco
362.4209 D536

Nowhere Girl

Cheryl Diamond
362.8709 D537

Liliana's Invincible Summer

Cristina Rivera Garza
362.882 R621


Beverly Gage
363.2509 H789


F E Close
539.092 H637

Life on Delay

John Hendrickson
616.8554 H498


Christie Tate
616.8915 T216

Inventor of the Future

Alec Nevala-Lee
620.0092 F967

My Name Is Tetley

Marie Reel

Taste Makers

Mayukh Sen


Fatima Ali
641.5092 A398

The Stories We Tell

Joanna Gaines
643.7 G142

Maybe We'll Make It

Margo Price
781.642 P946


1960- author Bono
782.4216 B719

Age of Cage

Keith Phipps
791.4302 C131

Dying of Politeness

Geena Davis
791.4302 D261

Beyond the Wand

Tom Felton
791.4302 F327

Walking in My Joy

Jenifer Lewis
791.4302 L674

The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man

Paul Newman
791.4302 N554

Madly, Deeply

Alan Rickman
791.4302 R539

Elizabeth Taylor

Kate Andersen Brower
791.4302 T239

Dinners With Ruth

Nina Totenberg
791.4402 T717


Sam Heughan
791.4502 H592

I'm Glad My Mom Died

Jennette McCurdy
791.4502 M478

You Should Sit Down for This

Tamera Mowry
791.4502 M936


Audrina Patridge
791.4502 P314

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing

Matthew Perry
791.4502 P464

Live Wire

Kelly Ripa
791.4502 R588

Scenes From My Life

Michael Kenneth Williams
791.4502 W725

Making a Scene

Constance Wu
791.4502 W959


Stephanie Johnson
792.7809 J69

Mr. B

Jennifer Homans
792.8209 B171

The Last Folk Hero

Jeff Pearlman
796.092 J12

Path Lit by Lightning

David Maraniss
796.092 T519


Timothy Bella
796.323 B256

The Education of Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins
796.323 P449

A Place in the World

Frances Mayes
813.54 M468

The Chronology of Water

Lidia Yuknavitch
813.6 Y94

Listen, World!

Julia Scheeres
818.5209 R659

Crying in the Bathroom

Erika L Sánchez
818.603 S211

I Am Still With You

Emmanuel Iduma
820.9209 I21

Listening Well

Heather Morris
823.92 M876

The Pirate's Wife

Daphne Palmer Geanacopoulos
910.45 K46


Reid Mitenbuler
910.92 F889

Cowboy From Prague

Charles Ota Heller
940.5318 H477

Diana, William, and Harry

James Patterson

The Queen

Andrew Morton
941.085 E43

Lady in Waiting

Anne Glenconner
941.085 M327


Prince Harry
941.086 H323


Benjamin Hall
947.7086 H174

They Called Me a Lioness

Ahed Tamimi
956.942 T158

The Revolutionary

Stacy Schiff
973.3092 A217

His Masterly Pen

Fred Kaplan
973.4609 J45

A Man of Iron

Troy Senik
973.8509 C635

Ted Kennedy

John A Farrell
973.92 K35

My Travels With Mrs. Kennedy

Clint Hill
973.922 O58


Paris Hilton
973.931 H656

The Light We Carry

Michelle Obama
973.932 O12

So Help Me God

Mike Pence
973.933 P397

Holding Fire

Bryce Andrews
978.6092 A565

Miracle Country

Kendra Atleework
979.44 A881

Red Paint

Sasha taqwšeblu LaPointe
979.7004 L111