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Apr 21, 2024
#1  (Last week: 1)
The Body Keeps the Score
by Bessel van der Kolk

How trauma affects the body and mind, and innovative treatments for recovery.

#2  (Last week: 2)
Killers of the Flower Moon
by David Grann

The story of a murder spree in 1920s Oklahoma that targeted Osage Indians, whose lands contained oil. The fledgling F.B.I. intervened, ineffectively.

#3  (Last week: 3)
Thinking, Fast and Slow
by Daniel Kahneman

When we can and cannot trust our intuitions in making business and personal decisions.

#4  (Last week: 14)
Braiding Sweetgrass
by Robin Wall Kimmerer

A botanist and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation espouses having an understanding and appreciation of plants and animals.

#5  (Last week: 4)
The Boys in the Boat
by Daniel James Brown

The story of the American rowers who pursued gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games; the basis of the film.

#6  (Last week: 5)
Masters of the Air
by Donald L. Miller

An account of the American Eighth Air Force in World War II; the basis of the TV series.

#7  (Last week: 7)
Poverty, by America
by Matthew Desmond

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "Evicted" examines the ways in which affluent Americans keep poor people poor.

#8  (Last week: 8)
Think Again
by Adam Grant

An examination of the cognitive skills of rethinking and unlearning that could be used to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

#9  (Last week: 9)
Everything I Know About Love
by Dolly Alderton

The British journalist shares stories and observations; the basis of the TV series.

#10  (Last week: 10)
All About Love
by bell hooks

The late feminist icon explores the causes of a polarized society and the meaning of love.

#11  (Last week: 13)
The Hundred Years' War on Palestine
by Rashid Khalidi

An account of the history of settler colonialism and resistance, based on untapped archival materials and reports.

#12  (Last week: 15)
Crying in H Mart
by Michelle Zauner

The daughter of a Korean mother and Jewish American father, and leader of the indie rock project Japanese Breakfast, describes creating her own identity after losing her mother to cancer.

#13  (Last week: new)
Cinema Speculation
by Quentin Tarantino

The filmmaker shares his love of cinema with special attention given to key American films of the 1970s.

#14  (Last week: 11)
The Storyteller
by Dave Grohl

A memoir by the musician known for his work with Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

#15  (Last week: new)
American Prometheus
by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin

A biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2006 and an inspiration for the film "Oppenheimer."