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April 2, 2023
1  (new)
by Benjamin Hall

The Fox News journalist gives his account of the injuries he sustained from a Russian attack while covering the war in Ukraine.

2  (2)
by Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex details his struggles with the royal family, loss of his mother, service in the British Army and marriage to Meghan Markle.

3  (new)
by Paris Hilton

The entrepreneur and pop culture icon shares her personal and professional rise in the age of influencers.

4  (1)
The Courage to Be Free
by Ron DeSantis

The Florida governor gives his account of his achievements and shares his opinions about the political left.

5  (3)
I'm Glad My Mom Died
by Jennette McCurdy

The actress and filmmaker describes her eating disorders and difficult relationship with her mother.

6  (6)
The Light We Carry
by Michelle Obama

The former first lady shares personal stories and the tools she uses to deal with difficult situations.

7  (new)
The Longest Race
by Kara Goucher with Mary Pilon

The Olympic runner details the abuse and deception she experienced while on an elite running team for Nike.

8  (5)
Walk the Blue Line
by James Patterson and Matt Eversmann with Chris Mooney

A collection of stories about police officers.

9  (7)
by Katherine May

The author of "Wintering" shares her journey to reconnect with her sense of wonder and awe.

10  (4)
It's Ok to Be Angry About Capitalism
by Bernie Sanders with John Nichols

The Vermont senator depicts the impact capitalism has on key areas of our lives and ways to address this.

11  (new)
by Michelle Miller with Rosemarie Robotham

The co-host of "CBS Saturday Morning" chronicles her search for her mother and efforts to make sense of her mixed-race heritage.

12  (10)
All My Knotted-Up Life
by Beth Moore

The founder of Living Proof Ministries details key moments from her life and her 2018 break with the Southern Baptist movement.

13  (new)
The Other Family Doctor
by Karen Fine

A veterinarian explains how she incorporated the principles used by her grandfather, who was a doctor, into her own practice.

14  (new)
Leon Russell
by Bill Janovitz

A biography of the musician and 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

15  (11)
Wake Up With Purpose!
by Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt with Seth Davis

The team chaplain for Loyola's men's basketball team recounts experiences from her more than 100 years of existence.