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April 25, 2021
1  (new)
Broken Horses
by Brandi Carlile

The Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter recounts difficulties during her formative years and her hard-won successes.

2  (new)
Finding Freedom
by Erin French

A memoir by the chef and owner of the Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine.

3  (new)
by Jenny Lawson

The humorist maps out her mental and physical health journey.

4  (new)
Beautiful Things
by Hunter Biden

The lawyer and artist, who is the son of the current president, details tragedies within his family and his path to sobriety.

5  (new)
The Light of Days
by Judy Batalion

How Jewish women in Poland turned Jewish youth groups into resistance cells to fight the Nazis and helped build systems of underground bunkers.

6  (1)
The Code Breaker
by Walter Isaacson

How the Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues invented CRISPR, a tool that can edit DNA.

7  (new)
The God Equation
by Michio Kaku

The theoretical physicist explains the controversy around the synthesis of the theory of relativity and quantum theory.

8  (2)
by Matthew McConaughey

The Academy Award-winning actor shares snippets from the diaries he kept over the last 35 years.

9  (3)
by Isabel Wilkerson

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist examines aspects of caste systems across civilizations and reveals a rigid hierarchy in America today.

10  (9)
This Is the Fire
by Don Lemon

The CNN host looks at the impact of racism on his life and prescribes ways to address systemic flaws in America.

11  (5)
by Glennon Doyle

The activist and public speaker describes her journey of listening to her inner voice.

12  (new)
Philip Roth
by Blake Bailey

A look at the life and work of the renowned novelist and short-story writer, based on his archive and interviews with his colleagues.

13  (6)
Think Again
by Adam Grant

An examination of the cognitive skills of rethinking and unlearning that could be used to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

14  (8)
A Promised Land
by Barack Obama

In the first volume of his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama offers personal reflections on his formative years and pivotal moments through his first term.

15  (7)
The Sum of Us
by Heather McGhee

The chair of the board of the racial justice organization Color of Change analyzes the impact of racism on the economy.