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February 25, 2024
#1  (Last week: new)
The Women
by Kristin Hannah

In 1965, a nursing student follows her brother to serve during the Vietnam War and returns to a divided America.

#2  (Last week: 1)
House of Flame and Shadow
by Sarah J. Maas

The third book in the Crescent City series. Bryce wants to return home while Hunt is trapped in Asteri's dungeons.

#3  (Last week: 2)
Fourth Wing
by Rebecca Yarros

Violet Sorrengail is urged by the commanding general, who also is her mother, to become a candidate for the elite dragon riders.

#4  (Last week: 3)
Iron Flame
by Rebecca Yarros

The second book in the Empyrean series. Violet Sorrengail's next round of training might require her to betray the man she loves.

#5  (Last week: 4)
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store
by James McBride

Secrets held by the residents of a dilapidated neighborhood come to life when a skeleton is found at the bottom of a well.

#6  (Last week: 6)
First Lie Wins
by Ashley Elston

A woman who works for a mysterious boss takes on a new identity to dig up information on someone.

#7  (Last week: 8)
Lessons in Chemistry
by Bonnie Garmus

A scientist and single mother living in California in the 1960s becomes a star on a TV cooking show.

#8  (Last week: 7)
The Fury
by Alex Michaelides

Violence erupts when a former movie star brings a group of her friends to her private Greek island for Easter.

#9  (Last week: 5)
by RuNyx

A century-old mystery brings Corvina Clemm and Vad Deverell together at a university based in a castle at the top of a mountain with a dark history.

#10  (Last week: 9)
Remarkably Bright Creatures
by Shel Van Pelt

A widow working the night shift at the Sowell Bay Aquarium is aided in solving a mystery by a giant Pacific octopus living there.

#11  (Last week: 15)
Demon Copperhead
by Barbara Kingsolver

Winner of a 2023 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. A reimagining of Charles Dickens's "David Copperfield" set in the mountains of southern Appalachia.

#12  (Last week: new)
The Ghost Orchid
by Jonathan Kellerman

The 39th book in the Alex Delaware series. Milo and Alex dig up the pasts of two homicide victims found in Bel Air.

#13  (Last week: 12)
Holmes, Marple & Poe
by James Patterson and Brian Sitts

Three private investigators working in New York City draw the attention of an N.Y.P.D. detective.

#14  (Last week: new)
The Covenant of Water
by Abraham Verghese

Three generations of a family living on South India's Malabar Coast suffer the loss of a family member by drowning.

#15  (Last week: new)
The Little Liar
by Mitch Albom

The actions of an 11-year-old boy help facilitate the delivery of Jewish residents, including his family, to Auschwitz.